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Welcome to European Action!


Welcome to European Action!

EUROPEAN ACTION is a movement of new European self-awareness. The aim is to unite those Europeans who have had enough of the American way of life including Pax Americana and who see through the hypocrisy and deception of political correctness and the entire present system. European Action is neither a party nor an association but a movement for political / cultural renewal throughout Europe. It has the goal of replacing the EU dominated by the US with a European Confederation that will once again enable Europe to act in its own name rather than as a pawn in global politics.

EUROPEAN ACTION is a young project that is still being developed. EA’s fellow campaigners gather in small, manageable regional groups called Support Bases. These are led by a Regional Leader who in turn reports to the National Leader in each country. There is, for example, in German-speaking central Europe one National Leader in each country, i.e. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. However, since we regard the European Action as a unified movement the National Leaders cooperate closely together. In addition, EA groups have also started up in France, Great Britain, Hungary, Bulgaria and other countries.

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Being aware of the fact that the thousand-year history of Western civilization could soon come to an end - through Islam conquering Europe - and the fact that the political elites have betrayed us, we the representatives of different European nations, declare the following:

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“Anti-Semitism” Trickery

There are treacherous words which seem to mean one thing and are used to mean quite another. One of the most treacherous words of all is “anti-semitism.” The word seems to mean opposition to all Jews purely and simply because they are Jews, and in this sense it rightly condemns something bad, because some Jews are wicked, but certainly not all. On the other hand it is often used to condemn absolutely any opposition to anything that any Jews do, and then the word is wrongly condemning something good, because whenever Jews do anything bad then opposition to them is good. But do Jews do things bad? Obviously. They created Islam for Arabs, Freemasonry for Gentiles and Communism for the modern world, all three primarily to fight Jesus Christ and Christianity, and so send souls to Hell.

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The End of the Lie - Open Letter III

I have attached to this letter, which is being sent out to 400 recipients, the paper version of the book published in 1922 entitledThe Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Unless noted otherwise, all quotations used in this letter refer to this book.

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NATO and the European Union participate in terrorism

How Bulgaria supplied drugs and weapons to Al-Qaïda and Daesh


by Thierry Meyssan, 4 January 2016


The best-kept secrets must be revealed in the end. The mafia cartel which governs Bulgaria has been caught supplying drugs and weapons to Al-Qaïda and Daesh, at the demand of the CIA, both in Libya and Syria. The affair is all the more serious since Bulgaria is a member of NATO and the European Union.

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Dresden: Death from Above

Dresden is only one single symbol of the Allied crime, a symbol unwillingly discussed by establishment politicians. The destruction of Dresden and its casualties are trivialized in the mainstream historiography and depicted as “collateral damage in the fight against the absolute evil – fascism.” The problem, however, lies in the fact that there was not just one bombing of one Dresden, but also many bombings of countless other Dresdens in all corners of Germany and in all parts of Europe. The topography of death, marked by the antifascists, is a very problematic issue for their descendants, indeed.

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Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

Tell the Truth and Shame the Devilby Gerard Menuhin is a book of monumental importance for the people of the world today. Many know that something is not right in the world. Nations engage in perpetual war while bankers and armaments makers line their pockets from the carnage. The average citizen of the world has been cut out of the decision making process of government, whether he lives in a democracy, republic, theocracy or dictatorship. All the while, the ruling elite grow stronger and richer as the real producers struggle to survive. Behind the scenes, events are controlled by a coterie of ethnic puppetmasters who work their marionettes in high places out of public view. How did this world get to the dark place it is today? Who could have stopped it and what can we do today?

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Memorandum of truth, peace, justice and liberty sent to 48 international patriotic organizations

40 steps towards freedom and salvation of all nations and the Jewish people from the horrible trammels of slavery imposed by the Khazarian-Zionist international financial mafia.

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The End of the Lie - Open Letter I.

In order to become legally binding in court in the future [referring to the indictment of officials for treason], this is also being dispatched to selected recipients as a registered letter. And thousands of people are receiving this letter as well as directions to the video material in the form of an email.

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Address by the Regional Leader, Thuringia at the Europe Congress 2014

We are Europe and we are the natives of this continent. With this program as a declaration of our united wishes and will for the future we all can get back our place in the world. We are the European Action. Thank you for your attention.

Hail Europe!

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PETITION – Conclusion of Peace Treaty with Germany outstanding since 1945

We therefore call on all Germans, irrespective of your political orientation, to recognize the untenable situation our country is in and to stand together with the purpose of regaining our rightful sovereignty. While one can argue about who is in charge in Berlin we should remember we are all in the same boat. Therefore duty calls all. A vote for this petition is a vote for Germany and therefore for Europe.

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